Need to lay pipelines in Hamilton or the Waikato region? West Construction has you covered

Laying sewer pipes is a challenging task and done badly it can lead to a number of problems, which could be costly to fix in the future. The team at West Construction are experienced in all areas of sewer pipe installation and undertake work on all aspects of drainage infrastructure from  CLMS/Ductile Iron Bulk mains to sewer pump stations and holding tanks.

If you are planning a subdivision development in the Waikato region, West Construction can handle your sewage requirements and many other parts of the development including stormwater drains making it easy for your to get your project finished within your timeframe.
If you need a contractor for civil works in Hamiton or the Waikato region, contact West Construction to arrange a quote. 

West Construction is equipped for even the biggest sewer mains

With years of experience in the civil construction industry, the team at West Construction can undertake design, installation and repairs of any large sewer main system. Our team specialises in deep sewer laying with a fleet of modern equipment designed to tackle deep drilling and digging to depths of up to 10 metres. Whether you are laying concrete, PVC or PE pipelines West Construction have the skills needed for the job.

Using the experts at West Construction to get your sewer mains laid right the first time will dramatically lessen the chances of needing repairs or having to deal with blocked drains in the future. But if you do need sewer pipe repairs we can also deal with those. 

Five reasons to choose West Construction to work on your sewer mains

There are many drainage companies out there but not all of them are equipped to take on complete sewerage works from start to finish. West Construction is your expert for sewer laying and other drainage issues because:
  1. Between them, our team has decades of experience in the civil works industry and working on major infrastructure projects.

  2. Our experience means we can tackle even the most difficult of jobs and offer innovative solutions when you experience problems including working around existing services or in hard to access locations.

  3. West Construction’s modern machinery ensures that jobs are done safely and efficiently and the fact that we own all our own equipment cuts down on costs and avoids potential delays with hiring machinery.

  4. Our reputation is backed by a wealth of satisfied customers and regular work for councils and large developers.

  5. West Construction can handle a range of other civil contracting work including water reticulation and earthmoving, meaning you have to deal with fewer contractors to get all your jobs done.


Whether you are a council or utility company looking for an experienced drain layer to take on new installations and maintenance, a farm owner looking for better farm drainage, or you are a developer planning new subdivisions in Hamilton and looking for professional infrastructure engineering, contact West Construction today. Arrange a no obligation quote or give us a call to discuss the tender process for your next project.

High-quality installation and repairs for sewer mains and pipework throughout Waikato